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The 5 Best supplement types to Boost Your Performance in the Gym

Everyone wants to boost their workout performance and results from the hard work that they put into the gym every week or everyday for some. That is why this quick supplement list was created. Consider it a “fast-to-the-point” spreadsheet of the supplements you should be taking for better performance and without buying 10 different types of supplements.

The truth is supplement companies would love for you to think you need several supplements to keep up with the rest of the bodybuilding world. This just is not within reach of most of us as supplements can cost a whole lot!

You must go back to the basics when getting the best bang for your buck which is why this list shows the most potent types of supplements. For each, an explanation will be given on why it is one of the top 5 best supplements to add to your arsenal and a great recommended product that would fit that category.

1. Multi-vitamin

Although this one might sound like common sense (or not), many still do not use an effective multi-vitamin into their daily lives. One solid vitamin could boost hundreds of thousands of processes that occur in your body relating to mood, energy, strength, endurance, and recovery.

Many still view multivitamins as “un-important” when compared to any other supplement, but this could not be farther from the truth! An effective vitamin should be number one and that is why we recommend AST’s awesome multivitamin.

We recommend AST’s Multi Pro 32X for the hardcore athlete or bodybuilder. They are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins for energy. You could say they are the “super vitamin” of the vitamin world.

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2. Protein

Ask any bodybuilder what supplement they recommend most and protein will be near the top of that list, if not at the top. Protein supplements can be taken before, during, or post workout to boost our nitrogen balance in the positive direction which increases muscle recovery. Add more muscle to your body and your metabolism will increase too—meaning less fat on your body!

We recommend trying out a solid protein product such as Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Protein. It is both affordable, quality, and has stood the test of time.

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3. Creatine

The subject of much debate has now been backed up with solid evidence with hundreds of studies pointing to creatine being a very effective strength booster. What does that mean? Your performance will increase in muscle mass, fat burning, and you will finally break through those annoying plateaus!

We recommend a solid creatine product such as MusclePharm’s Creatine. It will boost your strength, endurance, and energy in the gym. This company has also been around for a bit and is very reputable in the supplement industry.

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4. Caffeine

Often found in pre-workout supplements, caffeine has become a solid staple in any fitness enthusiast supplement plan. Taking a cup of coffee everyday to the gym might not be the best choice but there are other sources such as pills or powdered drinks. You will need at least 200mg of caffeine per serving to boost your intensity in the gym and therefore your muscle and fat burning capabilities.

We recommend you try Gaspari Supercharge if you are looking for an effective pre-workout supplement packed with caffeine. Pre-workout supplements have an advantage over caffeine in that they have added arginine, nitric oxide, vitamins, and a wide variety of other result boosters!

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5. Glutamine

This important amino acid is found naturally throughout the body but bodybuilders and athletes will need more than the average person. This supplement has shown to reduce muscle breakdown and boost recovery. By introducing your body with more glutamine than it is producing on its own, your body will likely take the extra glutamine rather than from your muscle stores—saving your hard earn muscle!

You may also notice a reduction in recovery time so you may hit the gym faster than before allowing you more potential for faster results.

We recommend Optimum Nutrition’s Glutamine which contains over a 1000 caps with each supplying 1g of pure L-glutamine!

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